Student Recruitment

Student Recruitment consists of the raising of awareness for high school students in Central Florida of the advantages of pursing their education at The Ohio State University. To help fulfill this objective, the Ohio State Alumni Club of Central Florida annually participates in college fairs in Orange, Osceola, and Seminole Counties.  The students are provided with brochures regarding an overview of The Ohio State University, Honors and Scholars information, scholarship information and details about the school and city of Columbus.  In addition, we have alumni club members that distribute information about admission to The Ohio State University to guidance counselors each year.   

Each year there are in excess of 25,000 applicants for the 12,000 acceptances that lead to the 6000+ freshman class. Every application is looked at by human eyes and accepted or rejected based on the overall record of the student.  With no hard-firm requirements every application has a chance to be accepted.

The Ohio State Alumni Club of Central Florida has an endowed scholarship which, at the direction of the Club, can be awarded to a deserving Central Florida student.  In addition, the Club participates in the Alumni Scholars Program (ASP) from The Ohio State Alumni Association Inc. This program, again, at the direction of the Club, can be awarded to a local student when funds permit.  This award comes with a club match. Other Scholarship opportunities are available to incoming Freshmen including the National Buckeye Scholarship. This academic scholarship is reserved exclusively for out of state students and takes some of the sting out of the state tuition.

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT put The Ohio State University at RISK when it comes to STUDENT-ATHLETES.

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